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int d = min(5, 9);

  //Sets 'd' to 5
int e = min(-4, -12);

   // Sets 'e' to -12float f = min(12.3, 230.24);

// Sets 'f' to 12.3 

int[] values ={ 5, 1, 2, -3

 // Create an array of ints
int h = min(values);

   //Sets 'h' to -3 
描述 Determines the smallest value in a sequence of numbers, and then returns that value. min() accepts either two or three float or int values as parameters, or an array of any length.
min(a, b) min(a, b, c) min(list)
a int, orfloat: first number
b int, orfloat: second number
c int, orfloat: third number
list float[], or
int[]: array of numbers to compare
返回值 float or int
相关 max()

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