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float base = height * 0.75;

float scalar = 0.8;

// Different for each font  textSize(32);

// Set initial text sizefloat
a = textAscent() * scalar;

 // Calc ascent line(0, base-a, width, base-a);

text("dp", 0, base);

// Draw text on baseline  textSize(64);

// Increase text size
a = textAscent() * scalar;

 // Recalc ascent line(40, base-a, width, base-a);

text("dp", 40, base);

// Draw text on baseline 
描述 返回值 ascent of the current font at its current size. This information is useful for determining the height of the font above the baseline. For example, adding the textAscent() and textDescent() values will give you the total height of the line.
返回值 float
相关 textDescent()

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